"The Pomeranian People"


Kreis Cammin

It was very exciting to discover significant records and books

in a dusty attic of a house near the Cammin Cathederal.

Included were records of several parishes of the 19th centruy, church tax books, as well as church books from the 1600's, covering the period 1677 through 1945.

The above is an excerpt from the April 2003 issue of the periodical Sedina Archiv in which Hans-Dieter Wallschläger wrote about his finding records for the Northern area of Kreis Commin. A listing of the "Landeskirche" books is included in this DPL issue.

Hans-Dieter Wallschläger along with Gunther Harder has also written a new book, Der Kreis Cammin - Bilder von 1895 bis 1945. It contains 400 photos with descriptions of the land and its inhabitants from before 1945. The book can be obtained from Pohl publishing House, Celle GmbH, p.o. 3207 Herzog Ernst Ring 1, 29323 Celle, Germany at a cost of 50 Euros.

A high resolution image of the Kreis Cammin map can be seen on Hans-Dieter's web site at www.cammin-pommern.de/karte_vom_kreis_cammin.htm

This article is a brief excerpt from Die Pommerschen Leute (The Pomeranian People), a quarterly newsletter designed for people who have an interest in Pomeranian ancestry. Click here for more information.

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